Monica D. Bradley, MS, MFT                                Psychotherapy & Consultation

With psychotherapy, you will have an opportunity to make changes in your life by recognizing and updating patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that are no longer effective. We'll notice how you respond to and engage with the people and experiences in your life; where you charge forward and where you hold back; and where past experiences impinge on the present. We’ll identify beliefs that are no longer accurate and hot spots where you tend to get stuck in feelings such as fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt or shame.   Together we’ll explore concerns or problems from an analytical angle while, simultaneously, we gradually access the emotional and psychological threads weaving through the situation. We’ll do this in a regulated and mindful way to allow access to deeper psychological material without the loss of your capacity to think clearly, make rational choices, and feel in control.

I help clients with a range of concerns including relationship issues, depression, and anxiety. I also specialize in working with clients who have experienced trauma in their lives -- major traumatic events as well as more ordinary life experiences that have had a lasting impact.

I utilize a number of therapeutic modalities, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, relational psychotherapy, somatic psychotherapy, AEDP, Hakomi, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and EMDR. I work collaboratively with each client to determine the style and approach to therapy that provides the best fit.

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