Monica D. Bradley, MS, MFT                                Psychotherapy & Consultation

If you are considering therapy, I encourage you to schedule an initial consultation -- a 50-minute session aimed at providing you with an opportunity to get a sense and a feel for how I work while I begin to learn about what you are experiencing and begin to make an  assessment.  During our initial consultation, I will ask you to tell me about what has brought you to seek psychotherapy at this time. I will ask questions, offer initial suggestions, and help you to begin to get clear about what you would like to work on. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Choosing to begin working with a particular psychotherapist is an important decision. There are many different approaches and methods of psychotherapy. Each therapist brings a unique mix of approach, methodology, and personal style to the process.  I encourage you to share any questions or concerns you might have and take the time to find a good fit. 

The length & frequency of your sessions will depend upon many factors, including your level of distress, individual preferences, time limitations, and financial concerns.  We'll come up with an initial plan and make adjustments as we go along.    My current fee is $250 for a 50-minute session.  While I do offer a portion of my services to those who are unable to pay my full fee, these arrangements are in high demand and I currently have a lengthy waiting list for fee reductions.
Please Note:  My clinical practice is currently full!

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